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7 simple ways to build a buzz around your website

Webdesigner Depot - 18 hours 59 min ago

Your website looks slick, your products and services are amazing, and you’ve launched multiple marketing campaigns. So why isn’t your site producing the numbers you need?

Getting buzz for your site isn’t always easy—but it’s necessary for your business to thrive. If you’re looking to ignite your audience and get them talking about your website, you need the right strategy…

…these 7 tips will help get you there.

1. Tell a compelling story

Every business has a story. How did you get started? What do you do? What’s your value?

You can translate all these elements into a compelling story that speaks to your audience and really gets people talking, or you can write a few dry sentences on each page, list your products and hope for some buzz—although it likely won’t happen.


2. Offer incentives

Nothing catches people’s attention like a promotion or a freebie. Offer contests with prizes that tie into your brand. Promote discounts. Provide a limited time offer to get word of mouth to spread.


3. Provide dynamic content

Read the content on your site. Is it engaging and eye-catching?

If you’re not providing a fresh stream of content on your pages that’s worth talking about, people will pass you and your website by.


4. Get feedback

Want to get people talking about your website? Ask their opinions; post polls and questionnaires; inquire what users think of your products, your site interface, your new logo and other changes and announcements.

People will have plenty to say about you and your website—and it’s a great opportunity to make improvements and evolve to match the needs of your market.


5. Make some news

If you want to promote excitement about your site, do something news-worthy!

Send out press releases detailing changes in your business. Be sure to post news and announcements on your site as well. Keep people talking by shaking things up and showing that your company is evolving and keeping up with the latest consumer trends.


6. Optimize your social media outlets

You put up a Facebook page and you try to tweet a few times a week, and then wonder why the Web isn’t ablaze with talk of your site.

Social outlets don’t work unless you engage people. Focus on groups that tie into your brand and then post interesting comments, videos and links. Actively converse with people, ask questions and strike up conversations—always an effective way to get people talking.


7. Focus your marketing efforts

Don’t just try to stir up buzz for buzz’s sake. Posting a video of a guy pulling off cool skateboard tricks might attract an audience—temporarily—but it won’t bring in targeted traffic or help your business in the long-run.

Outline a marketing plan and structure a brand-awareness campaign that fits your business model and goals.


Getting people talking about your website takes planning, strategy, and most of all, elements worth talking about. Follow these 7 tips, get site traffic buzzing and get your business humming!


Featured image/thumbnail, social image via Shutterstock.

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The OnePlus One smartphone is a denim-clad $299 Cyanogen monster

Yahoo Tech News - 19 hours 2 min ago

OnePlus, the startup founded by former Oppo VP Pete Lau, has unveiled its first smartphone, the OnePlus One.

The OnePlus One is the only Android phone you should really care about right now

Yahoo Tech News - 19 hours 14 min ago

OnePlus on Wednesday finally unveiled its first Android handset, the highly anticipated CyanogenMod-based OnePlus One. Considering the phone’s specs and affordable price, the One is the only Android phone you should really consider buying right now. The device will be even cheaper than customers expect, retailing for either $299/€269 (the 16GB version) or $349/€299 (the 64GB version), and should be available in the near future in 16 markets. The phone “was designed to be beautiful, timeless and comfortable in the hand,” the company says. “Embracing this design language, the One features subtle curves, sleek lines and a slightly raised, jet-black display. Even the smallest details belong uniquely to OnePlus, from the custom cut and engineered PCB boards to the specially

Meet the One, OnePlus' $299 Nexus killer

Yahoo Tech News - 19 hours 15 min ago

Rarely do we see a tech startup spending five months actively hyping up an unborn product; and when we do, most of them end up being vaporware. Luckily, that's not the case with OnePlus. Today, the Shenzhen-based company has finally unveiled its first smartphone, the One (not to be confused with the HTC One).

Huawei says reports of NSA spying won't impact growth

Yahoo Tech News - 19 hours 37 min ago

By Yimou Lee SHENZHEN, China (Reuters) - China's Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, the world's No.2 telecoms equipment maker, on Wednesday shrugged off analysts' concerns that its growth will suffer from media reports alleging the United States accessed servers at its Shenzhen headquarters. The New York Times and Der Spiegel last month cited documents leaked by former U.S. security contractor Edward Snowden as saying the National Security Agency (NSA) obtained sensitive data and monitored Huawei executives' communications. Analysts at a conference in Shenzhen raised concerns about Huawei's business suffering from similar worries over the security of its products, following the New York Times and Der Spiegel reports. "On the NSA ... it does not have a big impact on business growth," Eric Xu, Huawei's executive vice president and one of its rotating CEOs, told an analyst conference on Wednesday in Shenzhen.

Hitachi is building the world's fastest elevator: 95 floors in 43 seconds

Yahoo Tech News - 19 hours 59 min ago

In 2016, Hitachi will take over Toshiba's title as the maker of the fastest elevator in the world. The Japanese company's slated to install two lifts that move at a swift 45mph inside China's Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre, currently under construction. Apparently, you can reach the 95th floor (the building will have 111 floors in all) straight from the ground in just 43 seconds on one of these zippy elevators -- hardly long enough to freshen up before reaching the office.

Intel's next Thunderbolt port can handle two 4K displays at once

Yahoo Tech News - 20 hours 43 min ago

There's a good reason why the Mac Pro has six Thunderbolt 2 ports: current Thunderbolt tech isn't powerful enough to drive more than one 4K display per port. Future computers shouldn't face that limitation, though. VR-Zone has leaked a presentation which suggests that Intel's next Thunderbolt controller chip, Alpine Ridge, has enough bandwidth (40Gbps) to drive two 4K screens at the same time.

Edit image text with useful Chrome extension

Yahoo Tech News - 21 hours 9 min ago

Meme generation might never be the same again. Project Naptha is a browser extension that lets users select, copy, edit and translate text from any image — so long as it is under 30 degrees of rotation. The plug-in runs on the Stroke Width Transform algorithm Microsoft Research invented for text detection in natural scenes. It also provides the option of using Google's open-source OCR engine Tesseract when necessary. Project Naptha utilizes a technique called "inpainting" to reconstruct images after they've been altered by the extension. ...

2K Games tries to save Civilization, Borderlands from GameSpy server shutdown

Yahoo Tech News - Wed, 04/23/2014 - 05:33

Gamespy's impending server shut-down might be cutting off Wii and DS multiplayer at the head, but not all games have to suffer this fate: PC publishers are starting to migrate their multiplayer servers to new platforms. Three of EA's ...

Whatsapp now has 500 million active users to offer its new social overlord

Yahoo Tech News - Wed, 04/23/2014 - 04:41

Some companies lose their following after an acquisition, but not Whatsapp -- apparently, its userbase just continued to grow after Facebook bought it for $19 billion. The FB-owned entity has revealed that it now has 500 million active users, up 50 million from the time the social network snapped it up. According to Whatsapp CEO Jan Kuom, the app has seen the fastest growth in Brazil, India, Mexico and Russia in recent months.

Samsung patent reveals a wild new smartphone design

Yahoo Tech News - Wed, 04/23/2014 - 04:15

Samsung loves to experiment with different types of designs for its gadgets and a new patent flagged by Galaxy Club shows that the company has come up with some truly wild smartphone designs that go well beyond anything it has released so far. The new smartphone design patented by Samsung reveals a device with an oval-shaped frame and a wraparound display that puts key function buttons on the back of the device. The patent is only for a design concept, so it’s going to be a long time (and maybe forever) before we see anything like it hit the market. The design shown in the patent is actually similar to a design patent that Apple won earlier this year for an

Well: The Limits of ‘No Pain, No Gain’

Newyork Times Science - Wed, 04/23/2014 - 04:03
A new study helps to explain why exercise makes our muscles ache, and suggests that it’s not always a good idea to ignore fatigue and push on.

Google offered to help Samsung with Apple patent battle costs

Yahoo Tech News - Wed, 04/23/2014 - 04:03

Confirming what a lot of us thought already, Google is more than a little interested in Apple and Samsung's continuing court battle. New evidence revealed by Apple's lawyers outlines emails from Google that offered to foot some of the damages (if Samsung lost), as well as cover part of the legal costs in the current trial. This would cover two of the five patents that Apple is fighting over.

Justices Skeptical of Aereo’s Business

Newyork Times Technology - Wed, 04/23/2014 - 03:30
Television broadcasters are challenging Aereo, an Internet start-up that uses arrays of small antennas to stream over-the-air signals to subscribers.

Japan's not getting the Xbox One until this September

Yahoo Tech News - Wed, 04/23/2014 - 03:11

If we're being civil, Japan's relationship with the Xbox could be described as "tenuous" at best, and the release date for Microsoft's latest game console probably won't do much to change that. Come this September 4th, gamers in the country will finally be able to claim an Xbox One for themselves. Yes, that's around 10 months after it launched in the US and other "first tier" countries, and seven months after the PlayStation 4's Japanese debut.

Comcast lashes out at Netflix over opposition to TWC merger

Yahoo Tech News - Wed, 04/23/2014 - 03:00

Gee, do you think that Netflix publicly coming out against the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger has struck a nerve with Comcast? Within hours of Netflix declaring its opposition to the proposed $45 billion merger, Comcast came out with a statement that accused Netflix of relying on “inaccurate claims and arguments” to make its case. In particular, Comcast accused Netflix of conflating net neutrality issues with the kinds of peering agreements that Comcast recently reached with Netflix to ensure higher streaming quality over Comcast’s network. The cable giant then went on to tout its own commitment to the “open Internet” by declaring that “there has been no company that has had a stronger commitment to openness of the Internet than Comcast

You can take your Sprint phone to other US carriers next year

Yahoo Tech News - Wed, 04/23/2014 - 02:50

If you're with Sprint, you don't have many options for unlocking your phone's SIM card slot; if you can do it at all, you're limited to service on foreign networks. You'll have far more flexibility in the near future, though. The carrier has revealed that it will unlock devices for American use starting with those launched on or after February 11th, 2015.

Google's new mobile ads help find apps that fit your daily habits

Yahoo Tech News - Wed, 04/23/2014 - 02:17

Ads for mobile apps are rarely personal; they're more often based on search keywords than your actual habits. Google is fixing this today with new ads in search and on YouTube that reflect your day-to-day app uses and purchases. If you regularly track your runs with fitness software, for instance, you may get ads offering to install a companion diet app.

Apple iPhone 5S ad uses the Pixies to promote a new tagline: 'you're more powerful than you think'

Yahoo Tech News - Wed, 04/23/2014 - 02:05

An Apple advertisement airing on major networks tonight uses an alternative-rock classic to promote a new tagline for the iPhone 5S. A crowdsourced version of the Pixies' "Gigantic" plays in the ad, which unveils a new tagline: "You're more powerful than you think." The ad itself shows off the iPhone's content creation features — music is a major part of the commercial, but gaming, photography, videography, and even a language translation app are also highlighted. You can watch the commercial below.

Video: ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ shows off a gorgeous, treacherous world

Yahoo Tech News - Wed, 04/23/2014 - 01:45

One of the most iconic RPGs of the last generation will return to consoles and PCs this fall. BioWare announced on Tuesday that Dragon Age: Inquisition, the third entry in the series, will release on October 7th of this year. As the sole survivor of a cataclysmic blast that killed thousands, your character is tasked with the responsibility of leading the Inquisition, a force that aims to vanquish evil from the land of Thedas. Dragon Age has always threaded the needle between turn-based strategy and live action combat, and that trend looks to continue in Inquisition. Players will be able to rush into combat, swords swinging and magic charged if they like, or pause the action and designate specific tasks to characters in their party.

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